Inmortis - Top Down Action RPG Game

Each paths might save you from madness...

The world order has been turned upside down by the sudden appearance of a strange pantheon. In this new order you will have to choose:

Do you want to embrace emerging cults and lead to the accession of the gods or fight to banish them from your world ?

Be prepared to fight

gif scavenger idle

Choose between differents weapons & armors. Create your own fighting style and adapt to your opponents.

Every decision forge your relations

gif of npc

All characters react to your actions. Be careful on what you do. A gesture of pity for you can be madness for someone else.

Gods are watching

gif of corruption

Seeking for gods attention can be rewarded but nothing come without a price. Choose if you want to pay it or not. But think well before acting, once their eyes are upon you it’s hard to be forgotten

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