Each paths might save you from madness...

Inmoris World

Inmortis world is waiting for you. Choose your side and fight to survive. Gain experience and equipements. 
Use our RPG mechanics to create your own battlestyle. Advance in an unique storyline influenced by your choices. 
Explore Inmortis world to find it’s hidden secrets. Your adventure begin now.

Be prepared to fight

gif scavenger idle

Choose between differents weapons & armors. Create your own fighting style and adapt to your opponents.

Every decision forge your relations

gif of npc

All characters react to your actions. Be careful on what you do. A gesture of pity for you can be madness for someone else.

Gods are watching

gif of corruption

Seeking for gods attention can be rewarded but nothing come without a price. But think well before acting, once their eyes are upon you it’s hard to be forgotten

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